Get a wife, chief! Ezekiel Mutua to Larry Madowo

Kenya film board boss Ezekiel Mutua caused a stir on social media Tuesday, when he told former NTV news anchor, Larry Madowo, to “get a wife and settle down”.

Mr Mutua’s statement came after Mr Madowo faulted the KFCB chief for banning a Kenyan lesbian-themed film titled “Rafiki” in April.

Despite the ban on “Rafiki” by the film board, the movie became the first Kenyan film to get recognition at the Cannes festival in France on May 9.

“Kenya banned Wanuri Kahiu’s film “Rafiki”. She got a standing ovation at Cannes 2018. Who’s laughing now? My latest for the Washington post,” said Mr Madowo.

Ezekiel Mutua, almost immediately, took to micro-blogging site, Twitter, to clap back at Mr Madowo.

“There is more to life than money and the glory of a by-line. Values that are rooted in godliness, family and cultural heritage are the basis of great nations and great people,” said Mr Mutua.

“Larry Madowo is a successful journalist, but he is no paragon of virtue. He has no moral authority to lecture anyone about life, family or Godliness. Get a wife chief and settle down!”

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