GANG RAPE, crushed limbs and train accident – Mombasa woman narrates HORRIFIC ordeal


A 23-year-old woman from Mombasa County is lying in hospital, with a huge medical bill, after her crushed legs were severed from the rest of her body following a horrific rape ordeal that she went through in the hands of a callous two-member gang.

The mother of two narrated to EDAILY how on February 3 she watched – helplessly – as her limbs were pulverized by a train after the gang raped and tied her legs across a rail in Kibarani area in Mombasa County.

According to a resident of Timboni area in Kibarani, the two men sexually assaulted the woman in turns before hacking her in the private parts with a machete and tying her legs across the railway line. They, afterward, abandoned her to be crushed by an oncoming train.

Speaking in bed at the Aga Khan Hospital in Mombasa County – where she is recuperating –, the victim said she was on her way home, located near the railway line, when a group of two men grabbed and covered her mouth with their hands before dragging her to a nearby bush and took turns to sexually assault her.

The two would later tie her legs across the railway line – and since she was debilitated –, there is nothing much she could do, said the victim.

She waited for help in pain, help that seemed unforthcoming because there were no people around. Shortly afterwards, she saw an oncoming train – and the most she could do is move her upper body away from the train path – but her legs which remained tied to the rail were crushed.

Good Samaritans later rushed her to the Coast General Hospital before being transferred to the Aga Khan Hospital for emergency treatment.

According to Dr. Twahir Ahmed of the Aga Khan Hospital, the woman arrived at the facility after having lost a large amount of blood.

As at Wednesday, February 15, the victim’s hospital bill had accrued to KSh1.5 million, and the victim has requested well-wishers to liaise with the Aga Khan Hospital management to help her offset the medical bill.

Police at Makupa Police Station have launched a manhunt for the gang, who the victim identified by names.

A relative had reported the matter at the Makupa police post.



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