Confirmed: Funeral details of Miss World Nyamira Mercy Mokeira, possible cause of death

Miss World Nyamira County 2016 Mercy Mokeira, who died last Saturday at North Kinangop Catholic Hospital, will be laid to rest on Friday, February 10, at her parents’ home in Ekerenyo Sub-County in Nyamira County.

Her body will leave Umash Funeral Home in Nakuru County for Ekerenyo on Thursday, February 9.

Mokeira died aged 23 after battling thyroid disease since mid January 2017.

A report by the North Kinangop Catholic Hospital dated February 2 reveals that the possible cause of the beauty queen’s death is the thyroid disease.

The report also reveals that Mokeira had been suffering from polymyositis.

Polymyositis is an uncommon inflammatory disease that causes muscle weakness affecting both sides of one’s body. Polymyositis can make it difficult to climb stairs, rise from a seated position, lift objects or reach overhead.

The exact cause is unknown, but it may be related to an autoimmune reaction or infection.

“The symptoms started two months to her demise with a progressive daily symmetrical painless proximal weakness of the lower and upper limbs associated with dysphagia (having difficulty swallowing) especially for solids, hypersalivation, palpitation, weight loss,” reads a part of the medical report.

Medical experts say polymyositis may lead to heart disease, lung disease, or abdominal complications which may cause death eventually if unsuccessfully treated.

Mercy Mokeira had fallen ill last year December and was admitted to a hospital in Kijabe after complaining of neck pain. At the hospital, she was diagnosed with thyroid disease. She got well and was later discharged.

However, mid January 2017, she fell ill again and was taken to North Kinangop Catholic Hospital. On the second admission, she was frail and couldn’t talk or do things by herself.

Her blood samples were taken to Nairobi for testing on Tuesday, but before a report could be presented to North Kinangop Hospital, she died.

Miss World Kenya franchise holder Terry Mungai eulogised Mercy Mokeira as a lively and hard-working lady.

“I am saddened by the death of Mercy Mokeira. I pass my condolences to her family and the entire Nyamira County. Mokeira was a very cheerful lady, and she did a good job in the fight against jigger infestation in different parts of the country.”

Miss World Kenya, Evelyne Njambi, said: “Mercy Mokeira was my good friend. Her death has come as a shock to me. Oh my God. May her soul rest in peace, and may God comfort her family.”

Dethroned Miss World Kenya 2016, Roshanara Ebrahim, said: “She was always hard-working, ambitious and dedicated. She was always laughing and hopeful. Her death comes as a shock to me. We will always love and remember her fondly. May her soul rest in peace, and our journey together is never to be forgotten.”

Miss Tourism Lamu County 2016, Jenniffer Wairimu Waruingi, said: “I am shocked by the news of Mercy Mokeira’s death. She was so committed with community work. Miss Heritage (global Kenya), Miss World Nyamira County 2016. Why would death take her away? It is so painful. May she go well and rest with the angels. She remains in my heart, given all the projects we had this year to accomplish. I will work hard because she always proved to me that all is possible with God.”

Mercy Mokeira was to graduate from Kenyatta University in June this year with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

In June 2016, she became a national sensation after she and her Siaya counterpart, Sharon Halima, took photos with Lang’ata inmates, who were deemed to be “more beautiful” than the two models.

She was cyber-bullied, but stood her ground with her chin up, oozing confidence in her beauty.

Mercy Mokeira was in May, 2016 crowned the Female Model of the Year at the Pwani Fashion Week Awards.

You can send your contribution to Paybill Number: 644477, Account Number: 0722603074 to help Mokeira’s family raise funds for her funeral.

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