Full results show boy child performed better in 2017 KCSE contrary to Matiang’i remark: Details

Male candidates performed better than their female counterparts in 2017 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), full results breakdown show.

While releasing the results at the Nairobi School on Wednesday, December 20, Education Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i said female candidates performed better than their male counterparts in this year’s KCSE, registering superior performances in six subjects.

Full results, however, reveal a picture contradicting Mr Matiangi’s statement.

Seventy thousand and seventy three (70, 073) students, who sat the 2017 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination attained minimum qualification grade of C+ (Plus) required to join public universities, representing 11.38 per cent of the 615, 773 candidates who sat for the national tests.

Male candidates dominated the fraction of students set to join public universities with 41, 687 (59.58 per cent) scoring mean grade C+ (Plus) and above.

Twenty eight thousand three hundred and eighty six (28, 386) female candidates, representing 40.51 per cent, qualified for university admission.

The number of students set to join public universities after 2017 KCSE exam has dropped by 18, 856 compared to last year’s candidates, who registered 88, 929 students (15.41 per cent) with mean grade C+ (Plus) and above.

Eighty one (81) male students scored A (Plain) in this year’s KCSE, 1, 813 scored A- (Minus), 4, 596 attained mean grade B+ (Plus), 7, 738 scored B (Plain), 11, 631 scored B- (Minus) and 15, 828 scored  C+ (Plus) to complete the list of students who qualified to join universities.

Sixty one (61) female candidates, on the other hand, scored mean grade A (Plain) in 2017 KCSE, 901 attained A-(Minus), 2, 748 scored B+ (Plus), 4, 890 attained mean grade B (Plain), 7, 754 scored B- (Minus) and 12, 032 scored C+ (Plus) in the national tests.

The total number of candidates who scored mean grade A (Plain) are 142, A (Minus) are 2, 714, B+ (Plus) are 7, 344, B (Plain) are 12, 628, B- (Minus) are 19, 385 and 27, 860 scored mean grade C+ (Plus).

Male candidates also bettered their female counterparts in the C (Plain) category; 21, 506 male candidates scored C (Plain) compared to 18, 968 female students. 31, 206 male candidates attained mean grade C- (Minus) compared to 29, 834 female candidates.

Forty five thousand five hundred and twenty two (45, 522) male students scored D+ (Plus) compared to 42, 925 female candidates.

Male students who scored mean grade D (Plain) are 68, 572 compared to their female counterparts who were 66, 978.

Female candidates who scored D- (Minus) are 91, 341 compared to their male counterparts – 88, 040.

Male candidates who got mean grade E are 18, 345 while 17, 191 were female.

Based on the results, the male candidates performed generally better than their female counterparts.

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