FULL AUDIO: Mystery man in Gakuru accident, Nakuru copter crash speaks out, makes appeal to Kenyans



Dennis Muigai Ngengi, the mystery man reported to have witnessed the chilling accident that killed Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru and the October 21st Lake Nakuru Chopper Crash, has finally spoken.

Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital Mr. Muigai, who introduced himself as a businessman who imports and sells goods locally, says he witnessed the governor’s car accident but not the chopper crash that killed five people despite there being footage that seems to suggest otherwise.

“I was not the witness in the Lake Nakuru Chopper crash,” Mr. Muigai said, despite the witness introducing himself as Dennis Muigai Ngengi and wearing same sunglasses and walking in crutches.

Mr. Muigai explained that the similarity in the names and anything else is a mere coincidence, adding that there are many people who go by the same name.

“In our family, there are several people called Dennis Muigai Ngengi, maybe we are related,” he said upon further pressing.

The businessman, who lives in Nairobi’s Hurligham estate was travelling back to Nairobi from Kibingoti area, Nyeri, when the accident happened.

Mr. Muigai is concerned with how social media users are linking “two different eyewitnesses” saying it might have bad consequences on him.

He told Citizen Digital that he was in the car right behind the governor’s vehicle when the crash happened, adding that the horrific accident was caused by a boda boda rider and not a tyre burst as reported by the police.

“The driver of the governor’s car was confused by a motorbike rider who was carrying meat. The motorbike rider joined the road blindly… So while avoiding to hit the rider, the governor’s driver swerved off the road, and that’s when they rammed into the rail. My car then moved to the other side of the road and it wasn’t until we were a little further ahead that we noticed the tyres fly off the car… I was being driven by a female officer.”

At Lake Nakuru, the witness introduced himself as a “State Pilot” and said that he was friends with the pilot of the chopper, Apollo Malowa. Our sources at State House, however, denied knowing the man.




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