From dis-track to Hallelujah! Bobby Mapesa turns a new leaf, goes gospel

After 12 years in the music industry, Bobby Mapesa seems to have turned a new leaf with his new song Nisamehe (forgive me).

In the track, Bobby Mapesa asks God to forgive him for the wrongs that he has done so far in his lifetime.

Having been a controversial secular artist for the better life of his music career and, Mapesa has ruffled feathers in the industry with his sharp lyrics.

But now, he’s singing a new tune…literally.

The Tuzidi singer found the inspiration for his new track after he honored an invite from his mother to attend a church service.

We can expect more gospel tracks from the Kenyan rapper as this is just the first single from his gospel album dubbed ” Mtoi wa Mungu” ( Son of God).


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