Fresh details emerge on how Multimedia graduate Susan Njoki was killed


On December 30, 2018 at around 11pm, 24-year-old Susan Njoki was going to meet her friend, who lives in Ruiru, Kiambu County, when she was killed on the road.

The former Multimedia University student’s friend was to hand over her rented house to Ms Njoki, who had expressed interest in relocating from Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County.

According to Ms Njoki’s elder brother, Suleiman Ngige, his sister’s friend was relocating to Kirinyaga after landing an internship opportunity in the county.

“She [friend] was to leave the house for Susan Njoki, who, on her end, would continue paying the monthly rent,” Mr Ngige told EDAILY.

“On that fateful night, her [Ruiru] friend couldn’t reach her on phone despite having informed her [friend] that she had alighted from a matatu, which dropped her at Ha Kairo area in Ruiru,” said Mr Ngige.

“The friend, as a result of the communication breakdown, decided to go look for Njoki late in the night. She went to the stage, called her on phone but her efforts were in vain. The friend, thereafter, decided to wait for her at the bus stage, but Njoki did not show up. Worried but hopeful that Njoki, maybe, had decided to go stay with another pal of hers, she decided to go back to the house after a 30-minute fruitless wait,” said Mr Ngige.

Unknown to Susan Njoki’s friend, the Bachelor of Applied Communication degree holder had been run over by a vehicle.

“A postmortem conducted on Njoki shows she died from a fractured skull, which was caused by an impact she had with a sport utility vehicle (SUV) that knocked her on the highway that night,” said Mr Ngige.

“According to the report, my sister died on the spot; her head split open. A sudden death which – maybe – did not subject her to much pain, but one that has left a permanent void in us,” he said.

“What we have come to find out is that the motorist, who killed her, did not run away, but reported the incident to Juja Police Station. The police from Juja post collected her body and took it to City Mortuary at 3am on December 31. What shocks me is why did they register her as an “unknown” person at the morgue, yet Njoki had all the identification documents with her that night? To date, however, the law enforcement officers say they ‘do not know where her purse disappeared to’.

“We had filed reports of a missing person at Njoro police post and Central Police Station in Nairobi just three days after Njoki went missing. My question is: Why didn’t the police from Juja acknowledge that they had come across such a person, even after we had plastered her images all over social media?

“Why are the police from Juja refusing to tell us who killed our sister despite having full knowledge of his name, the number plate of his car and other details, which can be used to identify him? An officer from the station told us that they know him, but cannot share that information with us. We’re desperately asking: Why?” posed Mr Ngige.

“We just want to get in touch with him [motorist] and know exactly what happened.  We are appealing to the top police bosses to intervene and ensure we get justice for our sister whose killer is known to the police officers at Juja too well,” said Mr Ngige.

EDAILY has reached the OCS of Juja police post for comment.

Ms Njoki’s burial will take place on Friday, January 18 at her parents’ home in Jordan Estate in Njoro, Nakuru County.

In a January 10 interview with EDAILY, Mr Ngige, said Susan Njoki, who graduated in 2017, went missing on December 30.

Prior to boarding a matatu to Ruiru, Susan Njoki was last seen in Nairobi’s central business district at 11pm after reporting to work earlier in the day.

She worked as a products promotion agent, and on December 30, she had gone for a “gig” in Kitengela, Kajiado County.

According to Mr Ngige, the ex-MMU student spoke to at least two people on the fateful night.

“Her workmate, whom we have spoken to, told us that the last conversation she had with Njoki, was when Njoki inquired if she had found a matatu home,” Mr Ngige told EDAILY on January 10.

The other person that Susan Njoki spoke to on the night of December 30, besides her workmate, was a friend, whom she greeted via text message.

“Her friend, whom she texted on December 30, told us that she inquired how she [friend] was doing; and by the time her buddy was responding, she had already gone offline,” said Mr Ngige.

“She had texted her friend on phone, saying: “Form ya New Year ni gani? [What are your New Year plans?] Her pal responded, but her [pal’s] messages to her weren’t delivered. When Njoki’s friend called her later at midnight, her phone calls to her weren’t going through,” added Mr Ngige.

According to the deceased’s brother, none of their family members spoke to Susan Njoki on the fateful day.

Susan Njoki’s body was found lying at Nairobi’s City Mortuary on Monday, January 14, Mr Ngige said.

Mr Ngige said a City Mortuary attendant, who came across his social media post announcing his sister’s death, informed him that he had seen Susan Njoki’s body lying in the facility.

Ms Njoki had spent her Christmas holiday with her family in Njoro, Nakuru County.

The missing girl returned to Nairobi on December 27 ahead of the job she was to report to on December 30.

Mr Ngige, in a past interview with EDAILY, said it was “uncharacteristic” of his sister to go for days without getting in touch with at least one of her family members.

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