Freaking out about job interviews, here are 4 interesting tips to help you ace it

You saw the job advert on LinkedIn, and you quickly filled the application form. Weeks later, you receive a call from the company. They say you made the short list want you to come for a panel interview

So here you are, preparing for your big interview, it’s the d-day, documents check, dressing check, but wait is that really all that you need for your interview?

Carrying the various documents you have and dressing the part have always been top of the list when going for your first job interview however here are other pointers to help you ace that interview and land yourself a job.

  1. Always maintain eye contact

In a job interview, eye contact is very important. Maintaining eye contact with your interviewer shows the amount of confidence one has on themselves and also what they are talking about.

  1. Do your research well

It is always very embarrassing to go for an interview and know nothing about the company.

Researching about a company helps one to know in depth what the company is all about. In addition, you will be more prepared to answer questions such as- why do you want that job position?

However, when instances such as when the interviewer gives you a chance to ask questions, you will be able to ask intelligent questions related to the company and job role

3.Explain your answers

Often most of us tend to play it safe when answering interview questions, simple yes or no does it. However, yes or no answers don’t always work. The best thing to do when answering questions is to make sure that you explain yourself.

Describe those things about yourself that showcase your talents, skills, and determination.

4. Your exit

After interviews are done one feels so relaxed and just exit the room with so much ease.

Truthfully speaking, for most of us, the exit doesn’t really matter hence we do not give it much attention as compared to the entrance. However, it should be noted that the exit is as important as the entrance.

At the conclusion of the interview, smile, shake the interviewer’s hand and thank him or her for the time spent.

Point to note: when shaking hands, make it firm. Having a limp or clammy handshake is not advisable.



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