Freak bee attack forces man to return stolen sub-woofer, DVD player

A middle-aged man from Masindi town in Western Uganda was attacked by a swarm of bees after he allegedly stole household items belonging to a resident of Kijura North cell, Uganda’s Daily Monitor reports.

According to Fred Musiime, a resident of Masinde town, the suspect, yet to be identified by name, walked from Kirasa cell in Masindi municipality to Masindi police station, while bees clang on to his head, neck and a part of his back, in what sections believe was a consequence of a magic spell cast on him.

The suspect reportedly stole a sub-woofer and a DVD player on Monday, November 27.

Video footages shared by witnesses on social media showed the man wailing as he held the alleged stolen equipment in his right hand while covering his head with the left.

“A big group of people followed him as he walked towards Masindi Police station. Others took pictures and shot videos,” said Mr Musiime, an eyewitness.

The suspect visited a female witch doctor in Kijura ward, who “poured a liquid” on him and the bees flew off almost immediately.

The Midwestern regional Police spokesperson Julius Hakiza said the incident was not reported to police but detectives have picked interest in the matter.

“He is suspected to have been bewitched after allegedly stealing some household items,” Mr Hakiza told the Daily Monitor.


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