Four men badly beat up actress Nyasuguta, leave her with serious injuries


Former Vitimbi actress Nyasuguta, born Eunice Wambui, was on Friday, February 3, attacked by four men at the Mukuru Kwa Reuben slum, where she had gone to meet a group of women.

Nyasuguta, who has expressed interest to run for Embakasi South Parliamentary seat in August 8 poll, had just stepped out of a taxi when four men armed with crude weapons cornered and badly beat her up.

Nyasuguta says three of the men inflicted serious injuries on her and the bodyguard, while the fourth kept watch.

“I had gone to Mukuru Kwa Reuben to meet a group of women, accompanied by my bodyguard. The aggressors approached us on foot and greeted me: ‘Mhesh (slang for honourable), habari yako?’ When I turned to look at who was greeting me, the men immediately descended on me and my bodyguard with kicks, warning us that the area is politically inclined toward incumbent MP Irshad Sumra – and that I shouldn’t set foot there.

“They continued striking me hard on the face before hitting me with a large piece of wood on the neck and back. I told them to take the money that was in my purse but they refused, saying: ‘We don’t need your money. Just keep off Embakasi (South) politics,” Nyasuguta told EDAILY.

“The guys further stepped on my lower abdomen after pinning me to the ground. It was terrible!”

The goons only left Nyasuguta and her bodyguard after fearing that the two would lose their lives.

“I reported the matter at Industrial Area police station. We will hold demonstrations today (Tuesday, February 7) at Waroko to voice our disgruntlement at the discrimination against women.

“I have checked into three different hospitals for treatment. I suffered injuries in the head, neck and other body parts. I am bleeding from the ears, nose and my private parts as a result of the beating.”

Nyasuguta fears for her life, given politics in the constituency is yet to gain significant impetus – and observes it can get murkier.

“Currently, I am living in fear because of the traumatic experience. I am not sure what would happen next. But what stands is my quest to represent Embakasi South constituents in Parliament in August 8. I am now rendered immobile, but I would resume mobilising my constituents to register as voters as soon as I get well.”

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