We found boy, 10, who wheels paralysed mum to shop – daily – before going to school; here is his story

Ten-year-old Kelvin Momanyi won the hearts of many online users last week, when pictures showing him wheeling his paralysed mother to her shop located in Shabab, Nakuru County, went viral on social media.

Momanyi, who is a Class Four pupil at Bridge International Schools, also looks after his sister aged 6.

Momanyi’s mother, Irene Munali, has nicknamed the boy “family saviour”, because of his commitment in ensuring that she (mother) and his sister are well taken care of.

Momanyi wheels his mother, 32, to and from her shop every morning and evening.

Ms Munali, who was paralysed by polio when she was young, says she was thrown out of her former rental house in Elbergun after she was unable to raise monthly rent.

The mother-of-two says her current landlord realised she was facing difficulties in raising house rent after staying for two months at the Shabab house.

“He allowed me to live in the house, so long as my children and I would help him do certain home chores,” said Ms Munali.

Two well-wishers, who learnt of Ms Munali’s plight, came to her rescue after raising funds for her to put up a retail shop, which is now making profits.

“I am now able to raise monthly house rent and pay school fees for my children,” she said.

Ms Munali, an ex-charcoal trader and a college graduate, now says, unlike his failed charcoal business, she will do everything possible to ensure her shop business yields returns.

Kelvin Momanyi’s head teacher at Bridge school says the boy is an “above-average” pupil despite the challenges he is facing at home.

“He can improve his academic performance should he be given help,” said the head teacher, who revealed that the earliest time Momanyi reports to school – on a daily basis – is 8:30am.

“At that time, the first lesson is almost done. Momanyi is a quiet boy, who rarely shares his experience with fellow pupils or teachers,” said the head teacher.



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