Former Mayor killed in Kitui protests, Charity Ngilu escapes unharmed

Former Kitui Mayor Martha Mwangangi was on Friday crushed to death by a fire engine during a protest by Kalundu Market traders in Kitui Town.

Martha Mwangangi, who was leading the protest after stalls belonging to Kalundu Market traders were allegedly brought down by Kitui County Government officers Thursday night, died on the spot outside Kitui Central Police Station, when a driver of the fire engine ploughed into a crowd of protestors.

Area MP Makali Mulu also faced wrath of the protestors after they suspected he was part of the county government officials.

The lawmaker was, however, whisked to safety by his bodyguard, who drew out his gun and scared away the protestors.

Former Cabinet Secretary for Lands Charity Ngilu escaped unharmed in the protests. She had accompanied the late Martha to sympathise with the traders.

Ngilu escaped being hit by the fire engine by inches after she was shoved aside by her bodyguard.

The driver sped away after the incident, possibly to escape lynching by the rowdy crowd. He was, however, later arrested at Kitui Ginnery and taken to Kitui Central police station as investigation into the matter begins.

Martha Mwangangi’s body was taken to Kitui General Hospital mortuary.

The Friday morning protests paralysed transportation and business in Kitui Town for more than five hours.

The traders are demanding compensation from Kitui County Government.



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