Form 3 student tells judge why she smokes weed

A Munithu Girls Secondary School student told a Meru court that she smokes bhang to relax her mind.

While appearing before Meru Principal Magistrate-Stella Abuyain, 20-year-old Christine Gakunda confessed that she wanted to have a similar experience as her classmate whom she asked for a joint.

Gakunda told the court that she was aware bhang was illegal and opted to keep it a secret from her peers and teachers.

“I asked my friend for some rolls to puff and feel high,” she narrated, “I smoke weed, but I have never mentioned to anyone- my teachers or friends”

The student was busted in possession of the drug – a half smoked joint and a matchbox –, stored in a geometrical set.

“Ms Gakunda was charged with being in possession of and smoking a roll of bhang at school on Thursday,” the prosecutor, Anthony Musyoka read the charges.

The 20-year-old girl pleaded for leniency, saying that she was a first timer and that her education was being sponsored by a well-wisher.

She was taken to Meru Police station awaiting probation report by August 1.

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