Form One student narrowly escapes death after being found ‘having sex’ with cow

A Form One student at a school in Kakamega survived death by a whisker after he was caught engaging in ‘sexual intercourse’ with a neighbour’s cow in Musonga area early Sunday morning.

Charles Atoko Omwanda, the owner of the cow, says the incident was brought to his attention by his son who caught the individual engaging in the unnatural act with the animal.

The young man was senselessly beaten up by irate area residents who came close to burning him before he was rescued by his father’s pleas.

The culprit’s father begged the residents for forgiveness on his behalf and offered to buy off the cow from Mr. Atoko at Ksh.25, 000.

Mr. Atoko, in turn, offered not to press any charges against the randy teenager.

“I am shocked and afraid that a man would want to turn a cow into a woman. Please, let that boy and his father leave this area soon as they have submitted the agreed amount. I do not want to see them in this village. The father has already paid Ksh.10, 000 as dowry for the cow to be his son’s wife, let them complete the payment and leave,” said an enraged Atoko.

“We are shocked. If he could do that to a cow then it means he can even snatch our wives and children,” retorted on of the area residents.

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