‘Forgive me for a stupid, immature decision,’ teary Wema Sepetu says over nude video


Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has apologised for posting to her Instagram page a controversial video showing her in bed with her new lover kissing and caressing each other.

Pictures of the clotheless pair were also shared by the film star on her Instagram page, triggering a barrage of negative feedback from her followers.

And, now Wema says she “is sorry”, and has since deleted the pictures and videos from her social media page.

Addressing journalists in Dar es Salaam Thursday, Wema Sepetu said she will, henceforth, embrace maturity and thoughtfulness in her actions.

“I have decided to take full responsibility of what I have done. I apologise to TCRA, Tanzanian film board, my family, kinsmen and friends, my fans and those who have supported me throughout this period. I also seek forgiveness from the youth, who look up to me as their role model.

“Above all, I apologise to my mother. I admit I have caused embarrassment and humiliation to many.

“I won’t justify what I did; I acknowledge that I did something wrong, and no amount of justifications would make what I did to be right. I am also not seeking sympathy from anyone. I am apologising because I know what I did was not right.

“Many people engage in intimacy, but it becomes improper when recordings of such private sessions are made available to the public. It doesn’t paint a good picture at all, and I know it is an act that brings shame to the people involved in it. What I did was beyond embarrassment. It should be highly condemned, and I was completely wrong in engaging in it. I am sorry to those who were offended by the stupid thing that I did.

“I am human; just like everyone, and I am bound to make mistakes.

“People might fail to understand me because of the [bad] history that I have, but trust me, there is an end to everything.

“I thank God I did the stupid mistake, and I have come to my senses. Since I shot to fame in 2006, I have done a lot of immature and stupid things, which demoralised many people, who look up to me. They, however, never stopped supporting me. And even after engaging in the stupid act recently, they still stood by me. Their undying love and support for me has touched me deeply.

“I have woken up from my past. I have looked back where I came from, and the people I hurt, and the impact my actions have had on me, and I have realised that I wasn’t called to engage in such actions. I care about the person that I am, and the picture that I portray.

“I want a better life than the one I had before.

“I bring to an end the diary of immaturity, stupidity, and hurtful things that I do that end up causing embarrassment to people around me. May God guide me through this journey.”

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