Forget Prezzo- Betty Kyalo incident, here is what the rapper is up to

The renowned Naleta action hit-maker, who is currently in Tanzania working on a new project featuring Mr. Blue, is back in the music arena.

The project which is set to drop anytime soon will be the first collaboration the two are working on and according to the two big wigs, it might be the next big thing.

CMB Prezzo went on his social media page and posted the news together with a small video of what the two were doing in the studio dedicated to his fans.

His post read, “We got another one with my likkle broda @mrbluebyser1988 coming soon……. #Rapclelency #TrulyUnruly#TheMakiniTeam.”

Further, the collaboration will draw attention from both Kenyan and Tanzanian fans making it a win-win for the artistes.

However, still on his social media page, controversial Kenyan rapper Jackson Ngechu Makini, better known by the moniker Prezzo, pointed out that there is no need to travel to western countries, all in the name of shooting a video and end up leaving behind good cameras, talented people, amazing locations and professional directors here in Africa.

“Why should our money  go  to other places and not stay where we are?” the renowned rapper posted.

The post was accompanied by a photo of Prezzo who was seen having a meeting with renowned video producer Hanscana who might be behind the new project.

prezzo in tz

Prezzo was recently all over social media networks after his dramatic TV interview with Betty Kyalo on KTN.

Prezzo who celebrated his birthday in his trademark flashy fashion on Sunday, January 10 said that no man should curse him as he is blessed.

In yet another post, Prezzo shared his KTN interview with Betty Kyalo on Instagram, and unapologetically stated: “This is the difference between a “star” and a SUPERSTAR #TrulyUnruly.” The video shows him hugging the baffled newscaster.

In another message, Prezzo said that the  criticism for what he did on live television does not move him – even an inch!

“It is nothing to a boss. #TrulyUnruly,” he wrote the caption to a video showing him inside a swimming pool receiving a phone call, and throwing money (US dollars) into the water.

With the drama aside, can this be the collabo of all collabos? Only time will tell.

Check out the post below:


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