Forget ‘beefing’ rumours…this is what singer Sarah Serah really thinks of Akothee

Sarah Serah and Akothee picture/ courtesy

Kenyan Afro-pop songstress Sarah Serah, popularly known for her energetic stage performance that has been likened only to ebony-skinned songstress Akothee, has finally addressed rumours about a brewing beef between her and the Give It To Me singer.

Sarah Serah says that there is no bad blood between her and Akothee, saying that the rumours could have originated from people who want to pit them against each other.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s 10 Over 10, the Kayumbet singer said Akothee is an entertainer and she has more than respect for her.

“Akothee is an entertainer; she can dance and at the same time sing.  She is an artist in her own right,” Serah said, adding: “I can do what I am known for if the two of us come together. Something great can happen.”

Watch the full interview below:


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