For the first time on national TV DNG comes clean about leaving his wife


Top hype man DNG, born Davidson Ngibuini, has officially confirmed that he is separated from his wife.

Speaking Friday evening on Citizen Television’s 10 Over 10 Show which is hosted by Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi, DNG said he filed for divorce from his wife Yvette Nungari last year.

“I don’t like to talk about my relationship (in public). My matters are private. People said a lot without giving me the right of reply. But what I can say is that to all those who are wondering what is going on (in my private life), I am not married anymore. I am divorced. I filed for divorce last year,” DNG said.

“For me it did not work out. I felt like it was not going anywhere. So, I made a decision to realign my life. If a car’s bearing becomes faulty, you replace it (the bearing) with a functioning one. That’s what happened to me. And in life I believe if you make mistakes and wrong choices, nobody should use your mistakes against you. They talked ill about me, (but they forget) human is to error. I don’t believe there is somebody who is perfect. I choose to focus.”

DNG said he is currently not seeing anyone.

In May, 2016, DNG indicated he left Yvette because she had an unappealing personality.

Taking to Instagram on May 3, after curious fans asked him the whereabouts of his wife Yvette, DNG said: “She (Yvette) is single. I dumped a really hot chic (Yvette) who had a really dark heart and a [expletive] personality. I’d rather be with a chic who scores 1/10 when it comes to looks but who has a heart of gold. It takes a really mature mind to understand such depth. It is foolish to pretend to be happy with someone because he or she looks good. Na akichapa (what if her beauty fades)?”

News about DNG and Yvette’s separation broke in February, 2016 – just a month before they could celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

The couple tied the knot in March 2015 at the picturesque Fair Mount Kenya Safari Park. However, jumping the broom did not come without its fair share of drama.

A month to the wedding, DNG was reported to have sent a text message to close family members informing them that the couple’s big day had been called off.

This shocked them, and relatives called the couple for peace-making talks.

A common ground was reached and wedding plans were back on. In March, 2015 the pair exchanged vows in a scintillating ceremony.

Until his May, 2016 Instagram confession, DNG had not officially confirmed their break up – despite all indicators of a troubled marriage giving the couple away.

The popular event MC deleted all traces of his estranged wife from his social media pages. That was followed by puzzling status updates that were construed to be subtle messages directed to Yvette.


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