Flamboyant Governor’s daughter hospitalized

photo- courtesy/ hospital

Reports reaching the eDaily news desk indicate that a flamboyant prominent Governor’s daughter has been hospitalized.

The girl has been an inpatient at a top hospital in the city since Monday, 11th December, and is said to have already accrued a bill running into an excess of over Kshs 150 000.

The girl is well known among showbiz circles and has previously been in the limelight for her lavish spending ways and party habits while still in campus.

One of the numerous tests the girl has undergone, as seen by eDaily on her medical report, is the Serum Pregnancy Test, which reliable medical professionals say is used to “confirm how far along a pregnancy test is.”

Her pregnancy state, though, remains unconfirmed as medical professionals also indicate that it is quite possible for the Serum Pregnancy Test to come back negative in numerous circumstances.

The first child of the said girl, a daughter, was conceived in March this year at a Nairobi hospital.

She has previously been romantically linked to two high profile individuals allied to top politicians in the country, one of whom is the publicly-known father of her first-born child.

The girl has since parted ways with her baby daddy after it was rumored that he was cheating on her and, quite possibly, just using her to ride her father’s prominence to his own political stardom.

The baby daddy is reported to have already moved on, and is openly seeing another woman.

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