Five reasons why people hate the latest WhatsApp update

WhatsApp Inc has rolled out its much talked about status update feature, and people are not as enthusiastic about it as the addition of video calling functionality.

It has not even been a week since the update went live and it has already received numerous downbeat reactions from users.

These are the five reasons why people don’t like the new WhatsApp status update:

1.People miss the good old status: WhatsApp has removed the old status update feature that people used to match their profile photos. The app after the update no longer shows your status instead you can only see your username and phone number. To all those who used WhatsApp as a subtle platform to inform their contacts of their absence or availability, it will no longer help them.

2.No updating status without a photo: this is another problem with the new update; the new update allows you to share photos, videos and Gifs but no plain texts. It is rather weird if you want to post a text status you must share a photo as well.

3.Status posts last only 24 hours:  the new WhatsApp update does not only allow you to post text status but also the status lasts for only 24 hours. In short, you have to update your status every morning to keep your friends updated, unlike in the previous version which allowed you to keep your status or as long as you desired.

4.No contact list: In the previous WhatsApp version, there was a contact tab just next to the chat tab, in the new updated version the contact tab or list is gone. The question on everyone’s mind is how will they find new friends or contacts on WhatsApp? What will the ‘stalkers’ do?

5.WhatsApp is now like any other social media app: once upon a time WhatsApp was a sanctuary for those looking for private conversations and faster one on one chatting. WhatsApp was embraced because of being a messaging app only, what is the need of having it, if it now resembles the likes of Instagram and Snapchat.

Many people have given the added status feature update a thumbs down. And Twitter is swamped with such tweets. Here are a few:


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