First ever husband-wife news anchoring pair of Lulu and Rashid light up social media

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

The media landscape is about to undergo a major shift after the unprecedented pairing of popular anchors Lulu Hassan and her husband Rashid Abdalla on Citizen television.

Kenyans on social media reacted to news that the two celebrated media personalities will from this Sunday be gracing your screens together to present Citizen TV’s  Nipashe Wikendi, the first of its kind in Kenya.

The biggest media house in the country and beyond made the rumours official posting; “Starting this Sunday, the first ever husband and wife news anchoring team.”

The post elicited some hilarious and largely positive reactions on various social media forums.

Edaily sampled some of the reactions:

Hilda Njeru on Facebook said; “I am eagerly waiting for Nipashe Wikendi on Citizen TV.”

@ecilanj on Instagram commented: Pow wow to the power couple. Both kind hearted and humble. Love u both. God bless.

@BromeoKatana on Twitter commented: Hakuna Kitu kama mpenzi mtazamaji tena.

@Shibwec commented: thank you for making news a soap opera, you can as well call it “LA MUJER DE LULU DEL SENIOR ABDALLA. Alafu bi mswafara will be there over the weekend to offer them marital advice, this is the real deal.”

@Jopiri_Kip commented: Brilliant couple, all the best. Everyone will be watching Citizen TV, we do not need other stations.”

@Jasonwinner3 commented: Congrats my comrade couples..but now face to face in the office, on the TV screen and finally to the bedroom..will that not lead to boredom? Think about that as you think about the mercury in your sugar.”

@QueenG commented: So I get prepared to be called Dada mtazamaji by Rashid Abdala and the boy child kaka mtazamaji because mpenzi mtazamaji is a no-go zone phrase, I love the family teamwork.

Probably the most hilarious reaction came from one @SirAlexas on Twitter.

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