Fed up by her husband’s philandering ways, Migori woman destroys car worth millions


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

This statement proved true for a man from Migori County who met the wrath of his wife after he was busted in the house of a mpango wa kando whom he has been bankrolling since November, 2015 – according to the wife.

The spurned woman, identified as Joyce Kandie, said her husband, a senior Kenya Power employee, abandoned her and her six children after he was “charmed” by the alleged mpango wa kando.

“My name is Joyce Kandie. Another woman eloped with my husband since December, 2015. My husband never comes home, he never gives me money for food and upkeep, and he has changed his mobile phone contact,” the irked wife told Citizen Digital.

“I have been following up on his movements, and I learnt of his whereabouts,” she added.

“He moved me into a house that whose rent is Ksh4,000. Prior to relocation, I used to live in an apartment where I paid a monthly rent of Ksh15, 000. My child is ailing; he’s been having a running stomach for two weeks. When I request for money to take the child to hospital from my husband, he refuses; instead, he tells me to borrow money from a maize vendor who is my friend.”

Kandie said she has reported her unfaithful husband to authorities, but action is yet to be taken.

“He has been summoned several times by children’s rights authorities, but he ignores it. He used to visit me every once in a while, but now he hardly shows up – and he even stopped going to work. I think the woman has used black magic charms on him,” said Kandie.

And still on her gripe, Kandie said: “The kind of house I am currently living in is in a bad state! There are snakes around, and the sanitation is deplorable! The pit latrines are full to the brim, and there’s no tapped water. I am forced to draw water from a borehole.”

End game: What does Kandie want – now that her marriage seems to have hit rock bottom?

“I want a divorce. My husband has been threatening to kill me, and he often tells me: “I am already a dead person”. He says I smell like a dead person – since November. He further claims I am not in his “class”. He has disowned me saying I am not his wife. I have already reported the matter to authorities. He has excitedly foreboded my death.”

Before opting for divorce, has she sought the intervention of family members from both sides?

“I have spoken with his family members, who sided with me. However, he fell out with them, but later reconciled and they all ganged up against me; saying I left my husband in April, 2016 and went to Nairobi.

“I went to Syokimau to save myself from being beaten to death. He later reported at the children’s rights authorities that I am insane, and that I am planning to kill the children,” said a vexed Kandie.

“He made his son who has completed secondary education to share a room with my daughter who is in Form One; and when I complained, he says I am illiterate and all I can think of is sex. He has accused me of sleeping with two of his workmates,” she lamented.

Kandie says she has been supportive of her husband – who, according to her, had nothing in terms of wealth to boast of a few years ago.

“This man was a clerk before, when I used to work. He has fleeced me of my money. I took bank loans to bankroll his lifestyle. Now that I am unemployed and penniless he doesn’t think I am fit enough to be his wife. He’s been beating me senseless. I lost one of my teeth as result of his constant battery,” vented Kandie.

According to Kandie she resorted to destroying her husband’s Land Rover Defender because she’d gone to ask him for money at the mpango wa kando’s house – but he became hostile toward her.

“I had gone to the room he’s rented for the other woman to ask for food and upkeep money. Instead of giving me money – or telling me he does not have any, he rained blows and kicks on me. And when I saw he was overpowering me I decided to destroy his vehicle.”

Police from Migori post arrived at the scene and took the three to the police station.

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