Father slashes son over a plate of beans

A 21 year old man is nursing serious deep wounds inflicted by his father following  a row over a plate of cooked beans.
Kenneth Njiru was attacked by his father Joseph Nyaga at Gichiche village in Runyenjes after Njiru served himself a plate full of beans during lunch hour
Njiru says that he had finished cutting nappier grass for the cows when he felt hungry and decided to serve the food that was being prepared by his stepmother.
However, according to Njiru, things turned ugly when his father returned in the evening and was told that his son had eaten the plate of beans.
Njiru claims that his father hacked him on the side of his head with a panga splitting his ear into two. His father also managed to inflict deep cuts on his back before he ran to seek help from other relatives.
Njiru says that he is yet to understand why his father would attack him so viciously over a plate of food.

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