Fans attack rapper Khaligraph Jones for driving without seat belt

Kenyan hiphop rapper, Brian Ouko alias  Khaligraph Jones was attacked by a section his fans for filming himself driving with no seat belt.


In the short social media clip, the Yego hit-maker is seen singing while driving with no seat belt.


The video elicited criticism from a section of his online fans who were fast to express their discontent on the musician’s disregard for road safety.


However, the rapper too had a say to his concerned fans asking them why they are diverting from the ‘topic’.


khaligraph_jones@kg_brian wacha Kimbelembele boss sasa una divert kwa the topic unaanza kuleta ujuaji

m_cyruh: @khaligraph_jones your safety comes first si topic


The Kayole-born and raised artiste moreover felt the heat was too much and opted out the conversation saying he would ‘seek advice for road safety if need arose’


khaligraph_jones@kg_brian then stick to supporting my music and being a fan, nikisema nataka advice ya Road safety ntakutafuta, nime upload video to commemorate Krupt sasa wewe umesharuka kuni advice, nyi raiyaa mnakuanga aje? Smh


Khaligraph’s post was a tribute to legendary acts E-sir and K-rupt in appreciation for the late musicians talent.

Here is the video:

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