Famous musician thrown out of Westlands apartment due to lack of rent

A famous Kenyan rapper-cum-actress of a popular late night reality show, which has socialites featuring as its key actors, has been rendered homeless after she was kicked out of an apartment last week, eDaily has learnt.

The young actress, who, in the past, claimed she engages in sexual relations with male and female partners, was kicked out of an apartment located on School Lane in Westlands, Nairobi.

She was sharing the apartment with a female friend.

Drama began during an episode on the reality show, when one of the actresses claimed that the musician was living in a brothel, which was disguised as a massage parlour.

And true to her claims, the massage parlour exists and features call-girls from all over Africa, an eDaily investigation revealed.

Apparently, the musician was among the call-girls who would cat-walk at the parlour waiting for male clients. That was until last week, when she was kicked out of the premises with all her luggage.

eDaily has learnt that the owner of the parlour returned from a trip and found her house in a messy state.

She demanded to know why the musician and her friend were sniffing hard substances inside her house.

In the drama that ensued, the parlour owner called police officers from Kangemi Police post, who came and ordered the musician and her friend to leave the premises.

She is currently putting up at the house of an upcoming Kenyan rapper.

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