Family worried as Conjestina Achieng escapes rehab, snatches pangas from pupils


Former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng has fled from Foundation of Hope Rehabilitation Centre in Kisumu where she was receiving treatment for clinical depression and marijuana dependency, her elder brother William Ochieng has said.

According to Conjestina’s doctor, Javan Ochieng, the veteran boxer escaped from rehab on Friday, April 29.

Conjestina’s brother says the fifth born in a family of ten is causing panic among family members after she, on Wednesday May 3, confiscated several pangas from primary school going children who had just turned up for term two.

Conjestina took the pangas home where Mr Ochieng (brother) snatched them away from her.

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He however fears for the safety of family members as he says Conjestina is capable of punching and harming everyone who attempts to reach out on her – including children.

“Conjestina ran away from rehab centre. In fact I am stranded at home with her. We are totally confused,” William told eDaily.

William says he learnt of Conjestina’s escape from rehab when he spotted her wandering at Yala town in Siaya.

“Recently (Wednesday, May 3), she confiscated pangas from school-going children. The pupils had the pangas for the purpose of slashing the overgrown grass but Conjestina waylaid them and took them away from them. You can never know what she wanted to do with them – especially now that her health is unstable,” William said.

Mr Ochieng says due to his boxing and self-protection skills, he is the only member of the family who can keep a close watch on the former boxing star.

“It is only me who can block Conjestina from doing wrong things. She is depressed and frustrated. She is capable of boxing anyone in sight. That calls for me to be around her every time – I cannot run my errands; I cannot travel to Nairobi to go follow up on Conjestina’s land that has been grabbed. I am the only one who protects the family,” Mr Ochieng said.

“I fear for everyone at home. I can receive a burning report anytime. We are calling on well-wishers and the government to help us take her back to the centre or for further treatment so that she is stabilized,” Ochieng said.

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