Family sues hospital for ‘imprisoning’ man

Obiga's family photo/ courtesy

The family of a 30-year-old man involved in an accident has sued International Hospital of Kampala, Uganda for allegedly detaining their brother against his will, reports NTV Uganda.

Patrick Obiga, an assistant operations officer at a local security company, was to be discharged August 22 but the family had not raised complete hospital bill.

According to his sister Rose Obiga, the hospital was violating his legal constitutional rights.

“There is even a write up from IHK that unless the payment is paid completely, they cannot release Patrick,” Rose said. “He is literally in prison.”

Patrick was admitted to the intensive care unit on August 4 after he got an accident while on duty.

The hospital billed Mr Obiga Ksh.1 million for medical care, but he only managed to pay Ksh.600, 000.

“They want a land title deed with two postdated cheques,” Rose disclosed. “We do not have cheque books or anyone to give us a postdated cheque.”

It is unlawful to detain and confine patients in health facilities in Uganda as it violates fundamental human rights guaranteed in the constitution.

The health facility however expressed their surprise to learn that they were sued.

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