Family of murdered boyfriend speaks after Ruth Kamande is sentenced to death


The family of Farid Mohammed, who was fatally stabbed by his girlfriend, Ruth Kamande, in 2015 has welcomed Lady Justice Jessie Lesiit’s ruling sentencing Ms Kamande to death.

“We want to confirm to Kenyans that there is justice in our courts. After three years of waiting, our prayers have been answered. We finally have justice for Farid,” said Emma Wanjiku, an aunty of the deceased.

While issuing the sentence Thursday afternoon, Lady Justice Lesiit said she wants Ms Kamande’s predicament to serve as a warning to the youth, who resort to violence to settle relationship differences.

“I want young people to know that it is not cool to kill your boyfriend or girlfriend. Even if you are disappointed or frustrated, don’t do it. It is good to walk away and, thereafter, forgive,” said the judge.

The court noted that Ms Kamande, in her mitigation, did not indicate that she acted out of anguish or despair.

“I find that the accused acted with clear intention to cause the deceased pain, suffering and death,” said Lady Justice Lesiit.

Ms Kamande’s legal team says they are contemplating filing an appeal against Justice Lesiit’s decision.

The 24-year-old’s advocate on July 11 told the court that she hoped her client would be given a lenient jail sentence, considering she [Ms Kamande] had “established a close relationship with God” since being taken into custody in 2015.

“Ms Kamande has since converted to Islam. She is now religious and prays five times a day,” said the vicenarian’s lawyer.

“She has also enrolled for a theology course in prison; an indication that her stay in custody has streamlined her,” added Ms Kamande’s advocate.

Further justifying her request for a lenient sentence on her client, the lawyer said Ms Kamande is her mother’s only child.

“When arrested, Ruth, who was 21 years old then, had just enrolled for a business course at JKUAT. Her dream was shattered by the circumstances herein,” submitted Ms Kamande’s advocate.

The prosecution, on the other hand, urged Justice Jessie Lesiit to hand Ms Kamande a death penalty for “being arrogant during the trial”.

“The then-24-year-old man, whose life was cut short, was an orphan; and had a task of providing for his family. Justice should prevail,” the prosecution counsel told the court.

Ms Kamande killed her boyfriend, Farid Mohammed, in Buruburu, Nairobi in September 2015.

The High Court said, in March this year, that it was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that Ms Kamande had malice aforethought.

Justice Lesiit, consequently, convicted her for murder.

The court quashed claims by Ms Kamande that she had been raped by the now-deceased.

Justice Lesiit said doctors, who had carried out medical examinations, disproved Ms Kamande’s allegations.

Ms Kamande argued that their disagreement escalated, when she discovered a hospital card suggesting her boyfriend was undergoing HIV treatment.

When she confronted him, he threatened her with death, she told the court.

Ms Kamande claimed she stabbed her boyfriend 22 times with a kitchen knife after “it fell on her” while they were pushing and pulling on the ground.

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