Help me find my husband, woman pleads as hubby goes missing following bulk bank transaction

Police are investigating an incident where a local businessman, Moses Wekesa, mysteriously disappeared on Wednesday November 2, 2016 in Bungoma town.

According to his wife, Beatrice Asiko, Wekesa left home for business, but never returned home.

“My husband has never spent the night outside our marital home and neither has he ever had his phone off without any explanation,” she said, distraught.

Wekesa had informed his wife that he would pass by Kimabole market before embarking on other errands to the Chwele garage to check on his motorbike. Afterwards, he was to visit the bank in Bungoma town to withdraw some money.

Once in Bungoma town, Wekesa is reported to have made his way to Equity Bank, but he arrived late. Wekesa pleaded with the staff to allow him to transact, even though it was past operating hours.

He withdrew Ksh.60,000 from the bank, then he proceeded to Al-jazeera Restaurant to grab a quick meal.

According to his wife, that was the last time Wekesa was seen.

“My efforts to locate the whereabouts of my husband have proven futile as we have reported the matter to the police stations at Chwele, Cheptais and Bungoma but I have still not received any word on where he might be,” she said.

Friends and close family members suspect that Wekesa was kidnapped, adding that the motive could have been the Ksh.60,000 he had in his possession.

“I’d like to appeal to the government to help me trace my husband and bring him back home alive and well,” pleaded Asiko.

The police were not available for comment.

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