Fake vs. Real: Akothee’s spot-on advice as celebrities’ fake lifestyles come to fore


“Live your life; fantasy is a killer of dreams”.

That is musician Akothee’s advice to youthful online users chasing a mirage of flashy lifestyles that they, as per their current financial abilities, cannot afford.

The “Give It To Me” hit-maker’s nugget of wisdom comes in the wake of increased number of reports about celebrities portraying “fake” lifestyles on their social media pages.

Recently, media personality Kobi Kihara found herself on the receiving end for showcasing a “fake” lifestyle on Instagram using plagiarized pictures.

And just the other day, comedian David the Student was accused of conning Kenyans living in the U.S. as he struggled to maintain his flashy online display.

Musician Octopizzo was, in the past, an object of online ridicule, when he posted a picture showing him standing next to a top-of-the-range car, only for online searches to show that he had lifted the picture.

American rapper Soulja Boy was also put on the spot, some time back, for claiming he had purchased a personal jet; and was planning to travel in it, only for online users to fish out, from a jet firm’s website, the exact picture of the plane Soulja Boy was portraying as his own. To make it worse, he had been spotted flying passenger flight, and pictures of him taken at a time he was bragging that he was on his own jet.

These, and many other examples show the struggle celebrities go through to paint a picture of luxurious lifestyles online, yet in reality, they are suffering to, probably, settle their bills.

And ordinary citizens are feeling – with some succumbing to – the pressure of displaying “expensive” lifestyles online so as to win the approval of their peers and other members of the online community.

And this pressure, Akothee says is unnecessary, going ahead to urge her followers to shun it.

“If you live a lie, you [are] doing harm to yourself because you will have to explain each and every situation like: ‘My car is at the garage’, yet you have none! ‘I am buying a new house’, yet you and me [sic] knows you can’t even afford your rent as at now. Live your life; fantasy is a killer of dreams. You will lie to people until the lies become part of your life; and even end up lying to yourself. Most people end up living a lie because they can’t face reality! Be you; and if they don’t like it, let them beat you or unfollow you…. You have no option but to be strong; it can happen, people have done it, so you can,” said the award-winning musician on Instagram.

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