Fake Mike Sonko grilled over cash scam, features in embarrassing video

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has warned Kenyans to be extra vigilant as they interact with him online, explaining that he has many impersonators online.

Sharing a video of a man who conned people out of their moneys using his name on social media, the outspoken politician – who has severally complained about impostors – warned Kenyans against falling for such scams.

“Beware of fake Mike Sonko Facebook accounts. They also bear my images but the only difference my official account is verified and authenticated with a blue tick by Facebook, and it has over 751,000 followers. Do not send Mpesa to any number. I do not offer any loans or motorbikes,” the accompanying the clip read.

In the video, the fake “Mike Sonko” confesses to conning people by asking for money cash to transfer log books.

“I received Ksh1000 per person…it was about 18 thousand. Then from there I changed the value to Ksh300,” the man is seen saying.

Shortly after, he goes on to apologise for his crime, promising to keep off from such actions in the future.

“I wish to apologise greatly; I will never do that again…I will try my best to work hand in hand with government to assist (in dealing with cases of the victims of his scam),” he says.

The impostor, however, made an about-turn when he was grilled about the scam in court. He challenges Sonko to prove that he was the person running the parody account used to scam members of the public.

An aggravated Sonko snaps back at the accused, saying that he cannot “forget about what happened” because members of the public were conned using his name.

“No! I can’t forget about what happened because you are conning members of the public, and that is wrong. In fact you are lucky that you were arrested by the police,” he retorts.

Fans responded positively to the video.

Gachihi Gitau: That’s is exploiting vulnerable common mwananchi… Thanks mheshimiwa for taking care of your followers.

Essy Willy: I was one of the victims in this issue but thanks God I didn’t send any….thanks Mheshimiwa I do appreciate your concern

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