Fake gold: How fear forced ‘millionaire’ Jared Kiasa Otieno to surrender to police


Controversial millionaire Jared Kiasa Otieno drove himself to the DCI headquarters on Kiambu Road at 5:30am Thursday fearing an impending dramatic arrest.

DCI sources say Otieno had gotten wind of his looming arrest in the fake gold crackdown, which has seen at least 20 suspects arrested in Nairobi’s Kilimani area in the recent past.

Otieno, the DCI officers say, is a key suspect in the fake gold and money laundering syndicate, which targets wealthy royals and tycoons in the Middle East and European countries.

The quick-money trickery is so lucrative that a single transaction can yield close to Ksh500 million.

The DCI officers, who spoke to EDAILY, said they had raided Otieno’s Kileleshwa and Karen homes, but he was nowhere to be found.

In the Wednesday raid, the detectives impounded Otieno’s top-of-the-range vehicles and expensive computers.

The sleuths had given themselves until Thursday to smoke out Otieno from his hide-out.

Fearing drama, screaming headlines, and the prominence his arrest would attract, Otieno drove himself to the DCI headquarters, where he was arrested and, thereafter, interrogated.

Otieno, who blew at least Ksh15 million on his wedding in October 2015, has been in and out of court over alleged fraud estimated at hundreds of millions of shillings.

Previously, a Venezuelan man accused him of defrauding him out of his Ksh300 million in a fake land deal.

The DCI say Otieno will most likely be arraigned on Friday, May 17.

Otieno reportedly splashed Ksh110 million on a palatial home in Karen, which he acquired recently.

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