Ezekiel Mutua’s harsh comments about “beautiful” Ruth Kamande that has Kenyans spamming his timeline!

While most Kenyans were glued to their screens when stories of Langata Women’s Maximum Prison beauty pageant aired, Kenya Film Classification Board CEO was not Ezekiel Mutua was not the least bit amused.

Pictures of 2016 prison beauty queen Ruth Kamande Wanjiru went viral on social media, catapulting the captivating 21-year-old to internet stardom.

Kamande, who has been in remand for nearly one year, is accused of stabbing her boyfriend Farid Mohammed to death in Nairobi’s Buru Buru estate – an allegation made the Film Board boss Mutua argue that “is absolutely nothing beautiful” about her.

“I know people can reform and indeed the prisons are meant to reform criminals to become better citizens, but for someone who killed another person so brutally a year ago – by stabbing them 22 times with a knife – I think there is absolutely nothing beautiful about them,” he wrote.

Mutua argued that the media was celebrating a killer, forgetting the plight of the deceased.

“The deceased was a human being, someone’s son. A year down the line the killer is being celebrated… I find this a bit disturbing,” wrote further.

Some social media users took issue with these sentiments, arguing that Kamade’s beauty was not negated by the on-gonging murder case.

“Come on EM! Are you saying you are so hardwired to find the bad that you can’t see anything beautiful in her? Bwana CEO, there is so much evil in the good of us, and so much good in the evil among us. We should discredit anyone of us…so much for looking at the stars with the thick lens of our personal vulnerabilities,” posted a user named Phįlošophūš Ąūtodidūctūš.

This is not the first time that Mutua has received flak from social media users for his views, with many accusing him of playing the role of a “morality police”.

Mutua recently banned an alleged lesbian’s party which was supposed to be held at a popular Nairobi nightspot, only for the proprieties to say he acted on false information.

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