Ezekiel Mutua’s complaint about “lost” Ksh4K airtime attracts interesting comments to his timeline


Kenya Film Classification Board boss Dr Ezekiel Mutua on Sunday, June 24 complained to leading telecommunications service provider, Safaricom, about his “lost” airtime.

“So, I bought Ksh4, 000 airtime and it disappeared just like that and @SafaricomPLC says it’s because I had not activated data manager, whatever that is…,” said Dr Mutua on Twitter.

As expected, Kenyans, in their droves, took to his timeline to make interesting, hilarious, and even helpful comments.

Sawe Lynus wondered why Dr Mutua would spend Ksh4, 000 on airtime. He wrote: “Hehe. Hiyo ni rent yangu imeenda hivyo.”

Kennedy Omogi said: “Ameona! Ni mgumu; hata lunch hawezi nunua. Ukikutana na yeye, ni kucheka tu.”

AndiwoKE said: “This is a big joke! Who buys airtime for 4k? Why not be on post-pay or other @Safaricom_Care plan? It is wise to contact your provider for advice coz that 4k is enough for my post-pay for two months.”

Nick Mbithi said: “Na mtuambie chenye alikua anawatch… Na hizo Telegram za kudownload clips pia msiwache… It is already in public domain.”

Ålberty said: @EzekielMutua, wewe endelea kubuy airtime ya 4k na kuna place msee hata hajakula hata supper wala lunch.”

Mutunga said: “Credit ya 4k… 1,2,3,4 like unasema tufeel vibaya ama? Hiyo ni shopping yangu ya miezi nne nikikula mkate, butter na mayai kila morning. Sawa tu.”

Fredrick Kirui said: “@EzekielMutua , you must have watched an adult-only content!”

Tsisaga Jumba said: “@EzekielMutua, just activate data manager and you won’t complain at all.”

Dr Mutua would, on Monday, June 25, tweet that Safaricom had solved his problem.

“Thank you Fidelis @SafaricomPLC for attending to my complaint with such diligence and grace. Am glad the matter is amicably resolved. All is well that ends well,” tweeted the KFCB boss.

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