Ezekiel Mutua: Breastfeeding in public is a divine task


The Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), Dr Ezekiel Mutua, has called out people and firms who feel it is inappropriate for women to breastfeed their children in public.

Dr Mutua, on Tuesday, May 15, posted to his social media page a statement which defends mothers breastfeeding in public places.

“A mother feeding a baby in public is not exposing her breasts, but rather performing a natural and divine task. It’s not indecent exposure; it’s the most glorious human act, let babies feed and be fed anywhere, anytime!” wrote the KFCB boss, who has gained the moniker moral police due to his tough stance against habits which seem to fuel moral decay.

Dr Mutua’s statement comes a few days after a section of Kenyans called out Olive Restaurant in Nairobi for allegedly kicking out a woman, Betty Kim, from the facility for breastfeeding her baby.

Ms Kim, 26, said in an online post that a waitress told her to cover herself or nurse her baby in the toilet.

A group of city women, consequently, held protests against Olive Restaurant on Tuesday, May 15.

The protests were organised by women’s organisations, which include Her-Voice and Kenya Association for Breastfeeding, among others.

The women marched from Freedom Corner to Parliament; and eventually to Olive Restaurant.

Olive Restaurant manager Moses Wambua, nonetheless, maintains Betty wasn’t told to breastfeed her baby in the toilet. Mr Wambua further advised Ms Kim to file a formal complaint.

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