EXCLUSIVE: What top Nigerian actor Mike Ezuruonye said about Kenyan women: VIDEO


Celebrated Nigerian actor Mike Ezuruonye has waxed lyrical about the beauty of Kenyan women, saying in the whole world he has not seen women who ooze confidence in their natural beauty than Kenyan women.

Speaking exclusively to EDAILY’s Brian Okoth on Friday, February 3, Mike Ezuruonye said he arrived at that conclusion after keen observation during his past and recent visits to different countries across the globe.

“Kenyan women are natural. I have been to lots of places across the world – and I have travelled all over Africa, but what fascinates me most about Kenyan women is how they embrace their identity.

“And what I mean with identity is that it is so fulfilling to see people or women who want to identify with their own. From how they (Kenyan women) rock their wrist bands, clothing or necklaces…something speaks Kenyan about them – beyond their attire and accessories. That really fascinates me about them. And when you talk about natural Africanness, in regards to female beauty, then Kenya scoops position one in the whole world,” said Mike Ezuruonye.

Mike Ezuruonye is in Kenya for the premiere of a movie titled Brother Jekwu. Besides being the leading actor, he is the movie’s executive producer, alongside Kenya’s Juliet Ochieng’, who is the movie’s co-producer.

In the film Brother Jekwu, the two creatives showcase talents from both Kenya and Nigeria. The film was shot in Nairobi and Kajiado, Kenya; and in Lagos, Nigeria.

The premiere of the film, Brother Jekwu, will take place at Prestige Plaza on Friday, February 3, from 5pm.



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