EXCLUSIVE: Vera Sidika on why she didn’t attend Ivan Ssemwanga’s burial – VIDEO

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Kenyans have a love-hate relationship with their socialites. Now they love them, now they don’t, and such is the relationship that Vera Sidika, arguably the most successful Kenyan socialite, is caught up in. I would say it is abusive but hey, each to his own, true?

So recently Ivan Ssemwanga, Zari’s ex-husband passed on. Since Ivan lived in Uganda and Zari in Uganda, Kenyans tried to give the whole debacle a Kenyan angle by attacking Vera Sidika for not attending her friend Zari’s ex-hubby’s funeral.

Zari though, came out to defend her friend, saying that she did try to reach out to her unsuccessfully. Vera has now exclusively told eDaily that her friend Zari is doing well much as she is a bit low following her sons’ fathers’ death, and that she should be allowed to mourn in peace.

She has also said that it is unfortunate how people are accusing Zari of having a hand in Ivan’s death, because who would love their own sons to grow up without a father?

“Even her best friends in South Africa could not make it, there was just a lot of miscommunication plus you just don’t show up at a person’s service, what if it was a family affair?” she poses. “People like to attack me for whatever reason, whatever is going on between me and Zari is between me and her. People should not talk like they know everything. Also, my not attending had nothing to do with the Veetox launch.”

So is she still in touch with Nairobi Diaries? Vera says not in the longest time. As a matter of fact, she had left the show way before it was first aired and by that time her priorities has shifted. This does not mean we will be seeing her on telly, Vera is working on her own reality show.

On the Huddah beef, Vera is unbothered. She has said that she doesn’t have beef with anyone and does not recognize the existence of any between her and Huddah.

Vera is keen on making it into the Top 30 under 30 Forbes list by, wait for it, 2018!! She says that she has put all her effort towards that dream, works hard and sleeps three hours to that effect. What do we say, good for her?

Also, you should thank us men, because now we know what Vera’s favourite dishes are. There are very many ways to a woman’s heart, in the top three of that list is food. Watch the video below to know just what is this heartthrob’s favourite meal:


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