EXCLUSIVE: [Probably] Most amazing, heartfelt open letter from Kenyan Women Rep to Donald Trump


Meru County Women Representative Florence Kajuju has urged United States President-elect Donald Trump to respect the norms of democracy and serve all American citizens with fairness.

In a passionate appeal, via eDaily, which she believes will directly or indirectly reach the billionaire President-elect, Kajuju said: “Mr President Donald Trump, kindly be the best that you can for the people of the United States of America. They have given you that opportunity to lead them. Please, do what you can for them. Be a human being, deliver to the people, be just and fair to everybody; whether it is a Black-American, woman, everybody…even those who have lost (in the U.S. elections 2016).

“He had allegedly threatened that he was going to put Hillary Clinton in jail if he won. I hope he never meant that. I hope it was just a stand for him to win the presidency, and now that he has won, let him let Hillary Clinton be,” said the legislator.

Florence Kajuju says she did not foresee a Trump victory in the November 8, 2016 U.S. presidential election. “I never expected Donald Trump to win the U.S. Presidential election. I personally prayed for Hillary Clinton to win the election. All indicators were that she was going to win, going by the polls and her presentation during the presidential debates. During the first presidential debate I was really impressed by the belief that she had in her presidency if she was to get it. It was really convincing, and as a woman, I could see she was set to deliver to the American people.

“Now that Donald Trump has won, it is the American people that have spoken. For women, we feel we have lost because we thought we should have had the first woman President of the United States of America. Back home, we feel devastated. But we have not lost it all. We are hoping that we can fight for our space in Kenya. We are hoping to have women governors as we go into 2017 general election.”

Florence Kajuju also weighed in on audio remarks that leaked online, where Donald Trump was – allegedly – heard bragging how he grabs women by their genitalia.

“The remarks were heartbreaking! It was really tormenting to imagine that someone of his stature would dare do that to women. I am an advocate who says gender-based violence is the worst form of violence that we can ever have in Kenya, whether it is sexual or physical in nature it is terrible! So, if the President of the United States actually did that, we are going to pray that he doesn’t do it again, and he can behave the President that we expect him to be,” Florence Kajuju told eDaily.

Florence Kajuju says she will battle it out with other women to retain Meru Women Rep seat in 2017.

“I thank the people of Meru County for electing me as their Women Rep in 2013. I have done my best in view of the circumstances where we did not have sufficient resources to be able to deliver on our mandate. We thank Uhuru Kenyatta for giving us funds last year to run different projects in the county. I am praying that the people of Meru County are going to re-elect me in 2017 so that we’ll be able to continue and deliver much more to women and vulnerable people.”

And, like Hillary Clinton in the U.S., does she dream of becoming Kenya’s first female President one day?

“Africans have shown that they can elect women to be their President. We have seen that happen in Liberia. I am hoping that we can get more women rise to the helm of state leadership. The sky is the limit for me, the presidency is a possibility and definitely I am in politics to stay.”

Donald Trump floored Hillary Clinton after garnering more than the needed 270 electoral votes to win the presidency; as at 12 noon (EAT) Wednesday, Republican Donald Trump had bagged 289 electoral votes compared to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 218.

Trump, 70, is expected to be sworn in on January 20, 2017


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