EXCLUSIVE: No more speculations! Rose Muhando explains dark spots, bandaged arm in candid interview


Veteran gospel musician Rose Muhando says she is recovering from a gruesome road accident, which occurred three months ago in Tanzania. The car crash left her arm broken, her back injured and her entire body with cuts and injuries.

Ms Muhando says she was hospitalised, but later discharged following the road accident.

A picture showing Ms Muhando’s bandaged arm, her frame significantly reduced, and her legs unevenly charred, has gone viral online. Social media users have, consequently, been left speculating on the well-being of the ‘Nibebe’ star.

Rose Muhando admits that the subject in the photo is her; and that she is recovering from home.

“That image was taken two weeks ago, when I was in Kenya. The cuts in my legs, which I sustained in a road accident three months ago, are healing. The process has left me with dark spots on the affected parts of the body, including my back,” she told EDAILY on phone from Dodoma, Tanzania.

“I am currently doing fine, even as I continue with treatment,” said Rose Muhando.

Ms Muhando says she’d come to Kenya for a one-day visit, when the now highly-scrutinised picture was taken.

The image, which shows Ms Muhando addressing congregants from a pulpit, was shared by an online user who goes by the name Stephen Katolo Kitole.

Mr Kitole profiles himself as a gospel musician.

“Mama Rose Muhando has faced a lot in life, but my happiness is that she has never given up! She is a mother to me; and I respect her so much. Rose Has changed many people’s lives through her music, starting with me. Yesterday [two weeks ago], she visited me in Athi River, where she said: “I will keep the fire burning till the day of the Lord!” Mr Kitole wrote on social media.

A section of online users claimed the darkening of Ms Muhando’s legs was a consequence of drugs, which she injected into her body through the skin. Ms Muhando denies the allegations. This is not the first time the award-winning musician is facing drug-related accusations.


Reports surfaced in March last year that the management of a renowned rehabilitation centre in Tanzania, Sober House, was looking for Rose Muhando with intention of admitting her to the facility for drug addiction treatment.

A source ‘close to Rose Muhando’, who spoke to a Tanzanian newspaper, alleged that Ms Muhando ran away from her home in Ipagala, Dodoma, after losing her mind following long-term use of hard drugs – and that a pastor had offered to foot her rehabilitation fee.

“The pastor has looked for the management of Sober House and requested them to look for Rose Muhando who is at large – and once they find her, they should admit her into the rehab facility. The man of God said he will foot the rehab treatment bill,” said the source, as quoted by Global Publishers.

The outlet looked for the head of Sober House rehab centre, Nuru Saleh, who confirmed that a pastor had requested his team to look for Rose Muhando and admit her to the facility for drug addiction.

“We have begun looking for Rose Muhando, and once we find her, we will admit her to Sober House in Dodoma,” said Mr Saleh, as quoted by Global Publishers.


When EDAILY reached Rose Muhando for comment then, she debunked the reports, claiming the said pastor “wanted her to do dirty things with him”. She did not expound on what ‘dirty things’ the pastor wanted her to do, saying: “When the right time comes, I will speak out.”

Ms Muhando would, later, reveal that the said pastor wanted sex from her.

Breaking into a thunderous laughter when asked whether Sober House was indeed looking for her, Ms Muhando said: “I am at my home in Ipagala, Dodoma practising with my dancers and choir members ahead of the release of my music video. Those (Tanzanian) reporters have written their falsehoods because they, probably, know what they are looking for.

“I am the hardest rock they can ever try to break with their cooked stories. I don’t think there is any challenge in life that will make me look back. Currently, I am practising for my music video,” said Rose Muhando.

“There is no rehabilitation center management looking for me, they cannot even start looking for me. If the false claims were made by an MP, then he or she will lose the next election and if the claims were made by a pastor, then God will deal with him.

“I Rose, I am a superstar – they say. If anyone is looking for me, they know where I live. They could have already come for me. Let me ask you: is it even possible for a well-known person like me to successfully hide from people? There are lies peddled about me that are far from the truth,” said Rose Muhando.

That was not the first time Rose Muhando was battling claims of being a drug addict.

In January, 2017, she came out to vehemently deny having abused drugs.

“I don’t abuse drugs and I will never abuse drugs. If that is the scandal my enemies thought would bring me down musically, then their efforts are futile. The propagators of those rumours asked me to work with them but I refused,” Rose Muhando told Mwanaspoti  Newspaper.

“I am not indulging in drugs in any way, and the more they talk, the more it affects my family psychologically and emotionally. I am a mother of three children, I have relatives (they are being affected by the rumours). The rumour mongers know very well I don’t have anyone who would come to my defense,” added Rose Muhando.

Rose Muhando was born in 1976 in Dumila Village, Morogoro Province.

She was initially a Muslim before converting to Christianity when she was 9-years-old. She had been ailing for three years – all through in bed –, and when she fully recovered she converted to Christianity.

Rose Muhando’s albums include: Mteule Uwe Macho, Kitimutimu, Jipange Sawasawa and Utamu wa Yesu.








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