EXCLUSIVE: Mr Nice rebuttal following reports he’s wasting away


Veteran Tanzanian musician Mr Nice, whose real name is Lucas Mkenda, has refuted reports claiming he is abnormally lean and weak because of an undisclosed illness.

The reports surfaced on social media last weekend, with a concerned online user enquiring about the Fagilia hit-maker’s whereabouts.

The online user took to one of Kenya’s popular Facebook pages and wrote: “Please allow me to digress just a little bit with permission from the admin. I am aware a lot of members here are journalists. Anyone based in Athi River/Mavoko? I am trying to trace ‘Mr Nice ‘; the Tanzanian musician. I understand he’s now a wreck, living in poverty and drug abuse. I am not sure he even has a phone from the things I’m reading. Anyone who can help me, please I’ll appreciate.”

When reached for comment on phone by eDaily at 12:26pm Tuesday, July 4, Mr Nice denied he is emaciated due to poverty and drug abuse as social media reports allege.

“Kaka, niko freshi kabisa! Hivi tunapozungumza niko kwangu hapa Nairobi; hata ndiyo naamka. Ni mwili tu ndio umechoka kwa sababu nilipiga show kubwa Mtito Andei last weekend. Unajua ili mtu achape show nzuri, lazima atumie nguvu nyingi sana.

“Hivi mimi ni kuchoka tu; si ati naugua ama ulofa umenimaliza kama vile watu wanvyosema katika mitandao ya kijamii. Na ningependa kusema kwamba wanaoneza uvumi huo ni mahaters tu; hawanitakii mema (Bro, I am as fit as a fiddle! Currently as we speak, I am at my residential place in Nairobi. Actually, I have just woken up. My body is exhausted following an energetic performance that I headlined at Mtito Andei last weekend. You know for an artiste to stage a great performance, he or she should invest energy in entertaining the revelers. I did exactly that. I am only exhausted. Social media claims that I am wasting away due to an illness or drug abuse are untrue. I’d like to point out that the propagators of the false allegations are my haters, who are unhappy with my progress),” he said.


This is not the first time Mr Nice is countering false claims about his health.

In March last year, the Bongo Flava old hand came out to affirm his well-being after disquieting images showing his frame drastically reduced and his health quickly becoming the subject of social media discussion went viral.

A photo that showed Mr. Nice’s emaciated frame worried many of his fans – with some claiming that the singer was gradually wasting away.

Mr Nice confirmed that he was indeed the subject of the photograph, but said the image was not a reflection of him then.

Mr Nice stated that the portrait was taken in September, 2015 after he had suffered food poisoning.

“The picture was taken way back. Can you remember the period I suffered food poisoning? That’s when the photograph was taken. I thank God I survived the life-threatening incident. I was put on medication. Truthfully speaking, I had lost a lot of weight. Currently, I have regained some kilograms, and I am no longer as feeble as I was in that picture which was doing the rounds on social media,” Mr Nice told Ijumaa Newspaper in March, 2016.

The singer, nonetheless, admitted that he had not fully recovered from the food poisoning he suffered.


On September 8, 2015, Mr Nice was rushed to Kahama Hospital in Shinyanga, Tanzania after an intense case of food poisoning.

The singer stated that political rivalry was the main cause of his predicament, adding that since he declared interest in politics, his rivals were out to eliminate him.

“Political campaigns are just a passing thing; we should know life continues after election. It’s very unfortunate my political interest landed me in hospital,” Mr Nice wrote on social media after his condition stabilised.

The one-time East Africa’s heavy-hitter also thanked his family and friends for saving his life, adding that were it not for their prompt response, he would have died.


Mr Nice in July, 2016 landed a mega one-year deal which has seen him hold performances across 47 Kenyan counties.

The singer’s deal dubbed 47 County Tour was sponsored by Soko Bay International Limited.

Speaking to Tanzania’s Bongo5 in July, 2016, Mr Nice said the contract he signed with the firm was the biggest endorsement in his career.

“The contract is one of the biggest I have ever gotten. I thank Kenyans for believing in me and showing me undying love. It comprises almost every provision and it runs for one year,” said Mr Nice.

“It is a one-year contract, which will see me hold many performances across the country. I have been assured I would headline a show at least every weekend. As you know Kenyans party almost every day – there’s nothing like entertainment is a preserve for weekends only. I will tour the entire country,” added Mr Nice.

The Fagilia hit-maker said he had been provided with accommodation as part of fulfillment of the contract.



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