EXCLUSIVE: Inside Bahati-baby mama dramatic secret life – that people did not know


Kenyan gospel singer Bahati took social media users by surprise on Saturday, May 20, when he revealed that he sired a baby girl in 2015 with a woman who is in her early twenties.

Bahati introduced her daughter, namely Mueni Bahati, to Kenyans, saying:  “Too many blessings have come my way but two years ago was the beginning of a special lifetime blessing from God. Before anything, I’d like to acknowledge and thank the love of my life, Diana, for being there for me in all situations. May God bless you.

“My lovely fans, you’ve stood with me and supported me since day one… I’ll forever be grateful for that. Allow me to introduce to you the angel that God blessed me with, my first born daughter – I promise to love and protect you. I will be the best dad for you @Mueni_Bahati.”

In March, 2015, Bahati was rumoured to have impregnated a girl who was in her early twenties. The gospel star denied these claims on numerous occasions.

After the emergence of the claims, Bahati, in March, 2015, told Pulse Magazine: “Why do these people want to tarnish my name? Whom have I hurt to deserve such treatment?”

Fast forward to 2017: One Instagram user, Bridget June, wrote on Bahati’s wall; after the Barua star posted a photo posing with Mueni: “I remember this scandal back in 2015. You (Bahati) denied you never got the said girl pregnant but it’s good you can now acknowledge your biological daughter.”

Well, a well-placed source, who is a friend of Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura, has exclusively told eDaily that the singer had denied responsibility of Ms Obura’s baby, who was born in March 2015.

Ms Obura and Bahati dated for a while before splitting.

“I cannot authoritatively say that Bahati left Yvette after he learnt that she was pregnant. They could have broken up earlier,” said the source.

The insider, who has walked with Ms Obura through motherhood thus far; since Mueni was six-months old, says Bahati took the baby two weeks ago and conducted a secret paternity  test, which turned out positive.

“He (Bahati) had been denying having sired the baby ever since she was born until the secret DNA testing he conducted a week or two ago. Prior to the DNA testing, he would call or text the girl’s mother and order her not to post the baby’s photos on any social media platform, including WhatsApp. When the baby’s mother would disobey, the singer would phone and ask her to pull down the photos,” said the source.

The source further says that Ms Obura, a 23-year-old college student, is hurt after Bahati’s current girlfriend, Diana Marua, posed for a picture with her (Obura’s) daughter, and the picture was shared on social media by both Bahati and Marua, while she (Obura) has never been allowed to even post a photo of Mueni, her biological daughter.

“I think Diana meant well by posing for a picture with Mueni, and even sharing it on her social media pages. But what hurts Yvette is that she, the biological mother of the baby, has never been allowed to post a photo with her daughter,” said the source.

The insider told eDaily that Bahati recently approached the girl’s mother and asked to hang out with his daughter. “I think that is when he took the photos with Mueni and posted them online,” said the source.

Now that Bahati has discovered that Mueni is his daughter, has he pledged to take responsibility, henceforth?

“Yes he has, but those are just words. We are waiting to see if his words will be followed by actions. But currently, the girl is living with her mother,” said the source.

eDaily attempted to reach Bahati on phone for comment, but his manager picked up.

“Bahati is currently out the country. I cannot speak on his personal life, but when he returns into the country next week, you can get a comment from him,” he said.




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