EXCLUSIVE:I am not done with Boniface Mwangi, says Moses Kuria

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria says that he is not done with Boniface Mwangi, his remarks coming just days after the activist walked out of a live TV interview following the MPs “surprise” arrival on set.

Boniface Mwangi had come on the show to discuss graft in the Jubilee administration in the wake of the Afya House Scandal, but he stormed out after the MP’s arrival.

The activist, who has been critical of graft in the Jubilee administration, which the Gatundu MP is stern supporter of, said that he could not be interviewed alongside a person who has been accused of hate speech – remarks that have prompted Kuria to fire back.

“I am going to expose him for who he is: a fraud and a coward. I am not done with Bonnie,” he exclusively told eDaily.

He further says that Boniface Mwangi should not look for reasons to tarnish other people’s names as they were going to smoke him out.

Uninvited guest or planned ambush?

On Thursday, social media was awash with allegations that Jeff Koinange and Moses Kuria had conspired to “ambush” Mwangi live on TV – claims that were fronted by the activist on his social media pages.

“No it was not an ambush, I am always at Kempinski and it is not the first time that I have passed by there when Jeff is conducting his interviews,” he clarified.

So what exactly happened?

“As I was chatting with an old college colleague, I saw Jeff and I wondered what they were doing and he was with Bonny. So I said, ‘well perhaps we should have a chat with Bonny’ and then he just walks out.”

Moses Kuria went on to criticise Mwangi’s exit, saying that it was cowardly.

“It was very cowardly. He just wants to go and shout out there but cannot stand scrutiny. If you tell me I am going to meet with someone, you meet them and give your point of view and they give their point of view, what’s the big deal?” Moses posed.

Boniface Mwangi’s walkout can be termed as cowardly, what can he say about his own walkout?

“The last time when I walked out on Citizen TV was because I had a court case and I would have been prejudicing my case at that time,” he explained.

The MP still stands on his word that if anything is not done towards resolving the health scam saga, he will indeed resign.

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