EXCLUSIVE: Hopekid on break up with Yvonne Orio, new woman linked to him


Gospel singer Hopekid, whose real name is Simon Peter Wambua, says he and his immediate ex-lover Yvonne Orio broke up in 2016 after she accused him of secretly seeing another woman.

Speaking exclusively to EDAILY on Friday, April 20, Hopekid said his relationship with Ms Orio, which lasted five years, ended on the day she suspected he was dating her friend, claims which Hopekid vehemently denies.

“I do not know where she got that unsubstantiated information from. She was really convinced that I was playing her with her friend. No, that never happened,” said Hopekid.

The ‘Huduma’ hit-maker says Ms Orio informed him, via text, that she was terminating their relationship based on that allegation.

“That is how she ditched me,” said Hopekid.

“We did not communicate until last year, when she sent me a congratulatory message after I won a Groove award in the Ragga/Reggae Song of the Year category. I replied: ‘Thank you’. That was it!”

Away from the cheating allegations, Hopekid says he and Ms Orio went separate ways because “It got to a point, where we could not be on the same page in several issues”.

In an August, 2015 interview with EDAILY, Hopekid had expressed optimism that he was going to engage Ms Orio in 2017.

“I will engage her. Let’s say in the next two years she will have my ring. I am that person who does a thing first and then talk about it later. If it [engagement] happens, I will inform people about it,” he said in the interview dated August 30, 2015.

His planned engagement to Ms Orio has not materialised. Instead, the rumour mill has been rife that Hopekid engaged a different lady – of Caucasian race – in March, 2018.

What does he have to say?

“I haven’t engaged the lady, who gossip blogs are linking me to. Her name is Naima; a very good friend of mine. One of her parents is Dutch, while the other is Kenyan. We have known each other for six months now,” said Hopekid.

But, just how did the rumour about his engagement to Naima surface online?

He says: “I had posted a picture of us together on my social media pages. Naima had a ring on her ring finger, and DK Kwenye Beat immediately posted a congratulatory message to my timeline on our supposed engagement. Other online users immediately followed suit. And that is how the rumour about me proposing to Naima started. Let me clarify that we are not dating. When we get to that stage, I will let you know.”

Yvonne Orio is currently dating another man, with whom she is expecting her first child.

Hopekid, during a Citizen Extra interview on Trends and Entertainment segment on Friday, April 20, said he wishes Ms Orio well in her new relationship and the journey of motherhood.


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