EXCLUSIVE: Eric Omondi comes clean on claims of cheating on Chantal; and did he really pay dowry? Read what he said


Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has come clean on a video doing the rounds on social media which show him falling out with his fiancée Chantal Grazioli at a city restaurant after Chantal suspected him of cheating when he sent airtime to an alleged mpango wa kando (lover).

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Eric Omondi has told eDaily that he fell out with Chantal Grazioli on February, 2016 and they buried the hatchet soon thereafter.

“I don’t know who was secretly shooting the video. Yes, we differed publicly (in February, 2016), but we mended our fences barely two days later,” Eric Omondi said, adding: “No, I did not cheat (on Chantal). It was just a case of misunderstanding.”

Early this month, reports were rife that Eric Omondi paid dowry to Chantal’s family as he prepares to tie the knot with his flame soon.

The comedian has however debunked the claims, saying his sweetheart is half Italian, half Kenyan and that according to Chantal’s culture from paternal figure, bride price is not necessarily a priority to the woman’s family.

“How often do you hear parents of European descent asking for bride price?” posed Eric Omondi, adding: “A lot is said and reported about me, most of which I wasn’t contacted by the writers of the articles. I just get to see headlines written about my private life.”

Eric Omondi, however, says he and Chantal are in good terms and that “good news would soon come our way.”

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