Exclusive: DJ Moh quits Dohty Family, reveals why he broke ranks with reggae troupe

Popular reggae Deejay Nicholas Mugo Mwangi, better known by his stage as Deejay Moh The Ruffest, on Monday announced to his Facebook fans that he will no longer be associated with Dohty Family.

The feted reggae DJ said he has broken ranks with the troupe that he joined in 2006, saying it has stifled his personal growth,

“I’ve left Dohty Family because I felt like am fenced…like am in a box,” he said, adding: “It makes it hard for me to grow as a person/brand/individual. I’m not able to stand out, hence am under an umbrella like everyone else,” he said.

Deejay Moh says that working under Dohty Family frustrated clients, especially

“A client might want to specifically work with you but the fact that he has to go through a certain channel makes it exhausting for them… so they are forced to opt for another  source elsewhere,” Deejay Moh The Ruffest told eDaily .

He, however, said that he had no issues with the management whatsoever.

“They’re a great team and I enjoyed working with them. We are friends, besides being workmates. I know my decisions to step down isn’t a good example to the upcoming Djs and Mcs, but as an individual I need to grow and explore other areas,” he added.

So, what was his experience at Dhoty Family?

“The experience has been awesome; 70% of what I’ve learnt about the industry is through working there. The best moments to me were when we had successful events, the worst moment being when we lost out.

What are his plans, now that he has left Dhoty Family?

Right now, all my focus is on building my new brand which I will be launching soon. I can say my future is bright.Besides deejaaying I’m also a dairy farmer.

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