EXCLUSIVE: Christina Shusho speaks on Rose Muhando ‘exorcism’ video


One of Tanzania’s foremost artistes in the gospel industry, Christina Shusho, says she was “shocked” by a video showing her colleague, Rose Muhando, being “rid of demons” by Kenyan preacher James Ng’ang’a.

In her “revelations” in the 7-minute footage, Ms Muhando alluded to a gospel industry in Tanzania, which has been invaded by evil forces striving to bring down “big” musicians.

Speaking in a manner suggesting that evil forces were speaking through her, Rose, during her revelations, said: “It is Rose’s manager [Nathan] who sent us to disorientate her. We took all her cars and property. We even managed to drive her out of her home for three months now. We are ten of us pitching camp in her body. We also vowed to scuttle her attempts at trying to regain her feet in music. We’ve placed a demonic object in her, which has completely killed her talent. You know, when she sings [for God], she ruins our business.”

And now, Christina Shusho, a celebrated gospel star from Tanzania, says she was shocked by Ms Muhando’s revelations.

“The now-viral video [of Rose Muhando] indeed left me in shock. She is a colleague in the gospel industry, and I wouldn’t want to say much about it [footage]. Though, what I would tell you is that we – in the gospel industry in Tanzania – are pooling our resources together to ensure that we help Ms Muhando. We have started an initiative, which I believe, will go a long way in offering her the assistance she so much needs,” Christina Shusho exclusively told EDAILY on phone from Tanzania.

“Rose is my friend. We have always communicated, though not very frequently. I am sorry I did not know how deep-rooted her problems were, given we live quite far apart from each other. Had I known earlier, I would have done something to help. We are with her during this trying time, and promise to pray for her. I assure you that something is being done,” said Christina Shusho.

On whether she’s aware of dark forces trying to “control” big gospel names in Tanzania, Ms Shusho said: “I wouldn’t want to confirm or dismiss claims that the music industry in Tanzania has been infiltrated by dark forces. Ms Muhando, based on her experience, made her confessions in church. On my side, I haven’t experienced dark forces attempting to pull me down or disorientate my life. I thank God for the protection. Though for Rose, we are with her in prayers,” said Christina Shusho.

Ms Shusho’s statement comes just two days after EDAILY learnt that Ms Rose Muhando was in the safe custody of her three grown-up children.

According to Ms Muhando’s close friend, who is a Kenyan gospel artiste, Stephen Kasolo, the Tanzanian singer’s children came to her rescue after photos and videos of a visibly weak Ms Muhando went viral on social media.

Ms Muhando has in the recent months been said to be ailing, although it remains unclear what she is suffering from.

Mr Kasolo said the award-winning gospel musician, 42, was still within the Kenyan borders, even after the Tanzania Music Foundation (TAMUFO), last Thursday, asked her to travel back to Tanzania immediately for “specialised medical treatment”.




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