EXCLUSIVE: Bereaved Wavinya Ndeti speaks on Sonko funeral chaos, why Nigerian husband was buried in Kenya

By ENOCK MUSWII for eDaily.

Former Kathiani MP Wavinya Ndeti has defended Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko over claims that he caused chaos at the burial of her late husband, Prince Henry Dolamu Oduwale, at Kinanie, Machakos County.

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In an exclusive interview with eDaily, Wavinya Ndeti said she has no problem with Sonko – and that according to her and her family, Sonko “did nothing wrong” when he spoke during the sendoff on Friday, October 14.

During his speech, Sonko shouted that he was the acting president of Kenya.

“Rais Uhuru is in Togo, DP William Ruto ako France I am number three in command politically and socially. I am now the acting president of the republic of Kenya. All these police officers and vehicles you see are here because I am now the acting President,” Sonko said.

When the master of ceremony saw that the senator was increasingly becoming uncontrollable, the latter was asked to wind up – and that marked the beginning of drama.

A seemingly worked up Sonko then walked toward the MC and tried to throw a punch, warning him not to switch off his microphone.

“You can’t do that to me. When Raila was talking no one disrupted him. Hapana shika mimi…Taka taka gasia nyinyi. Wasituletee. Kwendeni kabisa huko. (Loosely translated: ‘do not touch me, you are garbage, don’t dare us, get out of here. Get out’.)”

Wavinya Ndeti now says it was wrong for the master of ceremony to demand that Sonko’s microphone be switched off while he (Sonko) had not completed making his speech.

Wavinya says, though bereaved, she was forced to take to the podium to “demand the microphone be switched on for Sonko to conclude his speech.”

“People ought to respect each other despite political differences. Sonko had a right to speak,” Wavinya said.

When calm was restored, Sonko was asked to read President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech, but mourners – who had been taken aback by his actions – would not let him.

“The drama did not affect me or my family. Sonko stayed at our home until late, and he even used his vehicle to ferry mourners to different destinations within Machakos County,” the former legislator said.

Meanwhile, Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko on Saturday, October 15, ordered the police to immediately interrogate Senator Sonko after he allegedly declared himself the acting President of Kenya.

In a memo addressed to Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett, Tobiko quoted videos from various Kenyan television stations terming the Senator’s conduct as “disruptive”.

Why Mr Oduwale was buried in Kenya

Wavinya Ndeti says the reason why her husband, a Nigerian national, was buried in Kenya is because the deceased had made that wish known when he was alive.

“We had to respect his wish. Both my Kenyan family and his family sat down and reached a consensus,” Wavinya Ndeti said.

“I thank everyone who has stood by me during this difficult period, especially our leaders who put aside their political differences to mourn my husband,” Wavinya Ndeti said.

Wavinya Ndeti and Prince Henry Dolamu Oduwale met in London in October 17, 1988 when the former legislator had gone to pursue a course in Computer Science at the Stamford Hill.

The couple tied the knot with Mr Oduwale on October 2, 1993 when Wavinya Ndeti graduated with a Master of Science in Business System Analysis.

In 2009, they held a colourful Nigerian traditional wedding at her parents’ home in Mua Hills Springs.

Wavinya Ndeti and Prince Henry Dolamu Oduwale are blessed with three children namely Nzuki Charles Adekeji Oduwale, Daniel Kitone Olunyika Oduwale (Kyalu) and Alika Mukulu Iyabo Oduwale.


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