EXCLUSIVE: Ben Githae’s message to those critical of his pro-UhuRuto song, ‘Ndani Tena’

Ben Githae

Popular gospel artiste Ben Githae has released a new song and it does all but preach the gospel.

The song dubbed ‘Ndani Tena’ is an out and out declaration of the singer’s love and support for the UhuRuto government, and can pass for a campaign anthem.

A section of Christians were rather unamused.

Speaking exclusively to eDaily Monday, Ben addressed those who have criticised his song saying that he – just like every other Kenyan – has a right to have political affiliation.

“Kenya is a democratic state, and not a theocratic state. This means that it is not God who chooses leaders for us, rather it is the people who go to vote,” Githe said.

He, therefore, saw no problem letting his fans know who he supports in the August 8 polls.

Ben says that he has been an avid supporter of the President and swore to help him in any way that he can, and this was the main motivation for his song ‘Ndani Tena’.

He is part of the Tano Tena Team which comprises of persons that will campaign for the reelection of the Jubilee government.

Will this song bring some misunderstanding among his fans who might not share in his political alignment? Will it affect his ministry?

Ben Githae says no. He argues that the songs that made him more popular are those that he did in the Agikuyu language.

He gas a huge fan base, he says, but a majority of his fans are the Agikuyu, therefore he doesn’t believe he will be stepping on any toes by singing a pro-Jubilee song.

Mr Githae also says that he will not be the first Christian leader to engage in politics. In fact there are many members of the clergy who have pursued political seats besides him, even some African presidents. (Zambian president H. E Edgar Lungu).

Ben hints that he might just pursue a political seat come the next elections, because he feels that musicians are underrepresented.

He lauded musicians Frasha, Jaguar and Ken wa Maria’s for jumping into the political arena, urging even more musicians to get into politics so that the interests of the musicians can be well represented.

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