EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Jeff Koinange to meet his social media bully on Monday

Prominent Citizen TV anchor and Hot 96 Radio presenter Jeff Koinange is set to meet an unidentified person said to have been harassing him on Twitter.

The Twitter personality, going only under the moniker ‘Mimi Yule,’ is said to have been threatening Mr. Koinange, posting messages to the renowned media personality on the social networking site under the hashtag #JeffUtaniona (which loosely translates to, ‘Jeff, you will know who I am!’)

It is not yet clear what the guy wants as he has not come out to state his demands, if any, but most of his tweets to Mr. Koinange have been posted in explosive Swahili. Here are a few samples:

“Wewe Jeff wewe! Unakuanga na maringo sana. Kwanza hiyo kizungu yako unafikiria wewe ndio umesoma kutuliko? Na hizo nywele zako mkarango!  Utajua hujui wewe. Utaniona!”

“Jeff wewe! Utanitambua. Kama mbaya mbaya. Katatamba kutamba wacha vile unatutishanga hapa ati sijui smooooooking! Utaniona!”

“Unadhani sikujui! Unaturingia hapo na hiyo Benz yako, nitakuja hapo na Probox lakini roho ni Lambourghini. Hata Kinyambi hatanyambua hii.Utaniona!”

Speaking to EDAILY, the distraught Hot 96 breakfast show presenter was at a loss for words. In true Jeff Koinange fashion, all he could muster the strength to say was, “Oh my! This is crazy… This is absolutely crazy …What does this guy want… this is absurd!”

When Mr. Koinange reached out to the person, in an exclusive phone call obtained by EDAILY, the two agreed to meet at the Hot 96 studio on Monday.

It remains to be seen whether the individual will indeed show up at the Royal Media offices to settle his scores with Mr. Koinange. Keep it Hot 96 to find out.

Below is the audio of the phone call:

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