EXCLUSIVE: Akothee makes shocking claims following bitter fall out with Princess Jully son


Wealthy Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, has sensationally claimed that Dunia Mbaya hit-maker Princess Jully’s son, Makajully, had made advances on her but she refused to give in.

Akothee’s claims come after Makajully accused her of “stealing” his mother’s lyrics – and used the lines to produce the song Benefactor.

However, Akothee says Makajully’s allegations are not true. Instead, she claims to have rebuffed his quest to have her as his girlfriend.

Akothee adds that the fall out was fuelled by Princess Jully when she visited Akothee’s Mombasa home some time last year– and asked the Give It To Me hit-maker to construct her a house, but she (Akothee) declined, citing “many responsibilities on her plate.”

Makajully, nonetheless, says the initial plan for their visit was to have Princess Jully and Akothee release a hit song together.

EDAILY caught up with both Akothee and Makajully, who gave their sides of the story.

Makajully said: “I respect Akothee’s hustle as an artiste. She is a go-getter. However, there is no way she would produce and release  a music track – by her own self – that we had agreed to work on together.

“It comes across like she only wanted to take photos with us and have something to post on social media. Personally, I think it was a good thing for two great Luo ladies to come together and work on a song. I pushed my mother to go for it.

“The next thing I heard was that Akothee had produced a song called Benefactor. I went to YouTube – and you know how the song begins? Yelele Yelele… And I said, what! That song is someone’s. There is a guy whose name is Omollo Ja’Konyango, he did a song similar to what Akothee had produced (Benefactor).

“Then Akothee’s song continues, with my mother’s lyrics following in verse two and three and four. If you listen to my mother’s song titled Aroko, you’d hear lines similar to what Akothee has in the song Benefactor.

“Basically what Akothee did was, she picked up pieces of other people’s work, put it together and – bam! – She had a song.

“I have tried to reach out to Akothee, but she does not pick up our calls. We have written to Google, they’ve said they’ll investigate and if Akothee’s found guilty of copyright infringement, they will pull down the song Benefactor from all online platforms.

“I heard that she said she gave my mother KSh150, 000. My mother is yet to receive such amount of money from her.

“What we want is she attributes the verses she has picked from my mother’s song. It is not like we want to make a fortune from her sweat. We just need her to acknowledge that she has taken a work which is not hers.

“You see what Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny did to Saida Karoli? They acknowledged that original Salome song was done by Saida Karoli. Why then would Saida complain after such effort and acknowledgement by Diamond Platnumz? Use my music, give me credit for it.

“Akothee has stolen from us. I am not happy about it!”

EDAILY sought Akothee’s response to the allegations and this is what she had to say: “Makajully wanted me for a partner but I rebuffed his advances. It is true I invited Princess Jully to my Mombasa home. But that was after I read her plight on media – that poverty had driven her to mine gold in Migori. Being the colossus musical figure she once was, I arranged to meet her.

“She traveled over to Mombasa accompanied by her son. The son had, prior to the meeting, sent me messages on my social media inbox, expressing interest in me.

“Once in a while, before meeting Princess Jully, I would send her KSh5000 or KSh6000.

“However, when she came to Mombasa, she told me to construct a house for her. But I said: currently, I am unable to since there are a lot of responsibilities on my plate. But I offered to give her my band sound and orchestra instruments – on condition that we sign documents, promising that when the instruments will be returned while not functioning then she will have to pay me.

“That is the point Princess Jully erupted – and thumped her chest, while shouting: ‘Do you know who I am? I am a legend in Kenya.’ You can’t put conditions on me’.”

“It is at that point I got worked up and told her that I did not want anything to do with her. I could have over-reacted, but if you were in my situation, what would you do?

“Worse still, she got too comfortable in my house – and at times, she would put on my clothes without seeking my consent.

“Her son apologised, but I had already made up my mind. I gave them money and asked them to leave.

“I remember her son would post photos on social media of me posing alongside him and Princess Jully. But Princess Jully would get furious and ask him why he did that – because, according to her, ‘people would think that I am helping her, while I am not’.

“After leaving my house, I have never picked up Makajully’s call because I know what he wants – to vibe me. But I don’t want to be in a relationship with him.

“In my song Benefactor, I have used five languages which are: Dholuo, Zulu, Swahili, English and Nigerian pidgin. You tell me, has Princess Jully sang a song that uses more than these two languages – Luo or Swahili? I don’t think so. I am furious! I am even contemplating to engage my lawyers in this.

“And if they are insisting I stole the song, money is not a problem! Let them point out clearly where I breached their copyrighted content and I would pay them for it – let them name the amount of money they want. Or still, I can build Princess Jully a house – similar to the one I have built my mother in Migori County if that will make them happy.

“But again, I hear they want to release a new song together, hence riding on my fame to catapult them to musical success. I am a walking scandal myself and I do not want more scandals.”


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